Signs that you need to improve your emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence is a necessary part of our daily life. Many people take about intelligence quotient, but they forget that emotional intelligence is also important. The best thing about emotional intelligence is the fact that it is something that you can learn. Everyone can learn how to keep their emotions under control and learn how to listen to their feelings. Today, we have emotional intelligence coaches who will help you with the journey. Learning how to be emotionally intelligent is not something that happens overnight. It is something that you must learn over time. Do you need emotional intelligence? You are always stressed It is normal to get stressed once in a while because life is not perfect. However, if you find yourself stressed all the time, then it is time to consider emotional intelligence coaching. Emotional intelligent people can keep the stress levels under control because they know how to keep calm even when under pressure. The best thing about emotional intelligence is the fact that it teaches you how to keep calm even you feel stressed. Learning how to keep calm is important for enhancing productivity in work. You feel lonely Many people tend to confuse being lonely and being alone. There is the difference between being lonely and being alone. When you are lonely, you will still feel alone even when you are in a party filled with people. People who have no emotional intelligence will always feel alone even when they have good company around them. The essence of emotional intelligence is to teach you how to have a good time when you have people around and even when you are alone. You can’t control your reactions You don’t have to react to every emotion that you feel. This is especially true when you feel angry. If you find that you are easily provoked, and you react to the emotion, then it is time to consider emotional intelligence. With emotional intelligence lessons, you will learn to respond to your emotions as opposed to reacting to them. You can’t make solid decisions Inability to make solid decisions is a sign of lack of emotional intelligence. If you are not able to make solid decisions, then there is a problem. Most of the time, you will discover that your emotions are influenced by other people and not necessary from your intuition.


Mistakes to avoid when it comes to life insurance beneficiary

Life insurance is one of the best ways of ensuring that you provide for your loved ones and heirs beyond the grave. Naming the beneficiary to receive compensation after you pass away is a big decision that is often overlooked and not taken seriously. By choosing the right beneficiaries you will avoid contesting life insurance beneficiary claims in future. Despite naming beneficiaries being a seemingly easy and simple task, several mistakes result in unintended and far reaching consequences. Mistakes to avoid Failing to name a beneficiary The most obvious and common mistake made by most people is not naming any beneficiary when taking a life insurance policy. This omission often leads to unnecessary problems including but not limited to avoidable tax consequences, and loss of property/investment. If at the time of your death you have not named any beneficiary to your life insurance policy, the insurance company may decide to pay the compensation settlement to your estate, which may most likely give rise to other potential consequences and problems. Naming minors as beneficiaries Insurance companies do not pay life insurance proceeds directly to minors. In a situation where you have named a minor as the beneficiary, a guardian is appointed by the court to receive compensation on behalf of the minor. This is usually a lengthy and expensive process and can also be quite risky if the appointed guardian cannot be trusted with handling the compensation proceeds until the minor attains legal adult age. Ineligibility for beneficiaries with special needs If you name a person with special needs or any form of disability as the beneficiary, once they receive the benefits from the proceeds they may disqualify from receiving any government support. This may expose the beneficiary to future financial hardships especially if the amount of money they receive as benefits is not enough to last them throughout the remaining part of their lives. If you want a person with special needs to be the beneficiary of your life insurance policy, the best thing to do is create a trust fund for them rather than have them receive the benefits directly. Failure to update beneficiary details If you experience a major life development such as a divorce or death of your spouse, it is necessary to update beneficiary details in your life insurance policy. Failure to update these designations may lead to the wrong person receiving your life insurance policy benefits. For example, if you do not update your beneficiary’s designations after divorce, the benefits may be paid to your ex-spouse which may not be what you wanted or desired to happen. Naming only one beneficiary Naming a single beneficiary may also be a very risky move especially if the beneficiary dies before you do and you fail to update the beneficiary details. In such a scenario, the judge decides how benefits from your policy are to be distributed, which may be contrary to your desires. To reduce this risk, it is advisable to name at least two beneficiaries or have a contingent beneficiary who will receive the benefits in case the first beneficiary dies. When filling out a life insurance policy, it is advisable to seek advice from insurance experts and estate lawyers on the right and the best way to fill out the form. This goes a long way in ensuring that the right beneficiaries receive the benefits in the event of your death.

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How to choose the best pop-up canopy

Pop up canopies are not made equal, and they are available at varying prices. The following are some things you need to consider to ensure you get the right canopy for your future events. Pop up canopy Durability The quality and strength of the canopy are important considerations. You need a canopy that can withstand harsh weather elements such as strong wind, hot sun, and rain. Also, it should provide adequate shade for you and your guests. The majority of canopies come with frames which are made of coated metal. The coat makes the frame corrosion free and rust. Ensure that frames are adjustable and easy to slide. Some canopies are made with easy-to-press locks which make the frame shorter or taller. The tent cover ought to be thick to carry heavy weight in case it rains. Moreover, it should have UV-coated fabrics that can protect you from the hot sun. Most tents cannot hold a lot of water and are not meant for use in heavy weather conditions. Ensure you check the manual guide provided by your manufacturer. Convenience of use Other than determining the strength of canopy, you should know whether your product is ideal for use. If it takes quite long to install or it is heavy to carry around, then you should consider another one. It is advisable to read consumer reviews before you purchase the product. Experiences can tell you whether the canopy is right for you or not. An important factor you should consider is the versatility of the canopy. Portability is equally an important factor as you can move your tent from one place to another. Price Just like other products, price does not essentially mean quality. Some canopies are cheap but cannot be for use for an extended period. Aluminum frames are quite sturdy and are a bit expensive as compared to other metal frames. In fact, some canopies are made of flimsy and thin fabric, which is ideal for few uses. You will also find some canopies that can cover 100 square meters. No matter the cost of the canopy, purchasing one is more economical as compared to renting if you are planning to use it for several events. The above are important factors to consider when looking for a pop up canopy for your upcoming event. Ensure you read reviews from both past and current users before buying.


Top SEO Performance Indicators

When you work on a website, there is a lot you need to take care of to be in top search engine results. Nowadays, there are several SEO techniques that can help you achieve this. They can also assist you to make your website noticed by popular search engines. However, how can you know whether the tactics you are employing are improving your website or not? It is advisable to check the condition and results of the site on a routine basis to make improvements as they are deemed necessary. Therefore, there are certain indications that are of use to know the performance of your website. In this way, you can make changes accordingly. In this post, we share some of the top signs that can tell you whether your site is performing or not. High performance indicators Loading speed This should be the starting point when analyzing your website. It should have an excellent loading speed if you want to get top results. Remember that search engines are interested in offering the best services to their customers. Thus, they tend to rank websites that have fast and good loading speeds high. It is true there is no person out there who has the patience to wait for your site for a minute to get information. Nowadays, people have access to high-speed internet connection. This is a good demonstration why your website loading speed matters a lot. Rate of crawled pages This and loading speed are some of the factors that indicate whether your website is good with users and organic search or not. Thus, you know what you should do to make your website go well with people. Therefore, if you have very few crawled pages per day and the loading time is poor, then you should not expect to rank high on search engines. Indexed pages and sitemap pages There are instances when number of pages in the sitemap are quite different from those that are indexed. Some reasons make search engines not to crawl all your pages. Some pages may be considered in sitemaps as duplicate content or have slow page speed. Therefore, it is vital when submitting content to the site; you ensure that it is worthy of being published. The above are some of the indicators that can be considered health indicators of a website that is performing well. Ensure you keep monitoring your website on a routine basis.